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A Sportsmom's Journey

There’s a saying that goes, ‘The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy’. This is so true when you follow an active lifestyle, and it’s no different in the Breytenbach household! We have always enjoyed participating in sport – I completed a full Iron Man a while back, and between my husband and I, we’ve got several Comrades Marathons under the belt.

This active lifestyle is in our children’s genes, and our youngest son, Ruan, showed his gift for swimming at a young age. We also regularly used approved nutritional sports products, advertised as being safe for people of all ages to use, so you can imagine my horror when one of the top ten Comrades runners tested positive for a banned substance in the support products he used … the same as the brand we were using, and had given to Ruan to use!

The last thing in the world I wanted, was for Ruan ever to test positive for a banned substance at a sporting event! Surely there had to be a nutritional range made for young athletes? I scoured the internet. Nothing, locally available. Overseas? Surely there had to be something? My search yielded nothing. I stumbled upon serendipity one day at a school sports event. Chatting to another sportsmom who was also frustrated by this lack of a youth product, she put me in touch with a pharmaceutical company who referred me to Dr van Rooyen, a renowned Biochemist and doctor.

As a professional specialising in the development of natural performance supplementations, Dr van Rooyen formulated the FitGen range: a range created after in-depth research into the nutritional needs of active, growing young people. The entire range is designed to ‘walk the journey’ alongside sportspeople aged 8 and upwards. All the products are manufactured by an approved pharmaceutical company, with GMP certification.

This journey has been a wonderful one, and I’ve come through it, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that my son is using products that are safe, drug free, stimulant free and effective. So when you purchase the FitGen products, know that they were conceptualised by a mom for her own son … a mom who has his best interests at heart!

In closing… you might be wondering what my son has to say about the FitGen range? Ruan says the sustained energy release is remarkable; that the product helps him to keep on keeping on. Along with feedback from other young sportspeople, he agrees that his recovery time is also much faster, which is particularly beneficial during strenuous training times.

I welcome you to the FitGen lifestyle, and look forward to walking this journey alongside you and your rising stars!

We are proud to make available in South Africa, a product range safe for young developing athletes.


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Kayla vd Bergh

Kayla vd Bergh
What an honour to represent SA at the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina. It would not have been possible without my Saviour and FitGen. Compete and Endurance are certainly my favourite products to help with my recovery and boost my energy levels to the max. Thanks for all the motivation & support!

Ruan Breytenbach

Ruan Breytenbach
FitGen Recovery is my favourite product! FitGen Recovery helps me to feel better after a very hard session in the pool and also helps me to prepare for tomorrow’s just as hard set! Swimming is intense and I need the ultimate recovery I can get! Oh and just so by the way the FitGen bars are amazing.

Rofhiwa Kutama

Rofhiwa Kutama
The product is streets ahead of anything I have used before. The Protein Bars are easy to use and work brilliantly as a slow release energy source. The Endurance mix is great for day to day training. Then the dynamite is the Compete, this I recommend for racing as it boosts you up to a new level.    

Mignon du Preez

Mignon du Preez
I am extremely excited to be associated with the amazing brand - FitGen. As professional cricketers, we have very strict anti-doping guidelines, exactly why I absolutely love the Fitgen product range. Based on my own experience I can recommend FitGen as a product parents and athletes can trust :)


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